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Your trusted and independent advisor, offering exemplary wealth planning and protection.

We specialise in estate planning, tax optimisation, business succession, wealth transfer and family governance.

Amitis Wealth Management also operates as an investment advisor, offering discretionary and advisory portfolio managed solutions that include liquid, preservation and generation strategies, as well as the unique investment fund opportunities managed by Amitis Capital.

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Family Advisory

Our Family Advisory services leverage our core investment expertise to build a comprehensive financial plan that considers our clients’ circumstances.

We provide a holistic estate management approach that aligns with clients’ values, goals and aspirations to provide security, wider purpose and positive impact.


  • Wealth Planning and Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Optimisation
  • Business Succession / Sale
  • Family Office Administration
  • Philanthropy Road Map
  • Family Governance / Education
  • Generational Wealth Transfer

Financial Planning

A thoughtfully crafted financial plan lays the groundwork for a secure and fulfilling financial future. In a world of evolving markets and changing circumstances, having a comprehensive financial plan becomes not just a prudent choice but a necessity.

Through careful analysis of our clients’ assets and obligations, short to medium term liquidity requirements and their ultimate objectives, we identify key risks, avoid exposures and manage expectations.

Our Services

  • Asset and Liability Management
  • Cashflow Management
  • Advisory and Discretionary Investment Management
  • Due Diligence Services
  • Asset Consolidation
  • Risk Mitigation

Tailored investment
strategies and
wealth solutions

Understanding our clients’ unique circumstances is paramount to identifying the most effective investment strategy.

We offer a range of investment solutions, from bespoke investment programmes to a range of carefully curated model portfolios, as well as direct placement in opportunities, niche strategies and co-investment opportunities tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Diversification is the hallmark of our risk-controlled portfolio construction.

Investment Management

We structure all bespoke and modelled portfolios to withstand the test of time, ensuring resilience for the medium and long term while minimising volatility. All our portfolios are continuously monitored to adjust for market conditions and provide diversification across asset classes, industry and geography.

Each portfolio combines best-in-class external funds with our own expertise to deliver attractive results. We focus on our clients’ objectives whilst adhering to strict pricing constraints.

Our Strategies

We have curated an ecosystem of forward-looking investment products, consisting of internally managed fund strategies as well as carefully selected external third-party fund managers. Our approach offers strategies based on our extensive experience in alternative funds.

Higher beta fund managed products and venture capital (VC) investing play a vital role in our Generation strategy. These allocations are implemented to deliver premium returns and diversification benefits tailored to each client’s risk appetite.

• Diversified Digital Fund of Funds

• Sustainable Technology VC

• New Frontier Wellness VC

• Tech VC (third-party)

• AI VC (third-party)

Preservation strategies are vital in portfolio management to safeguard capital, manage risks and maintain stability. Our preservation strategies leverage traditional alternative investments to deliver objectives through diversification, low correlation with public markets, downside protections and stable income generation.

Traditional and alternative investments react differently to market changes, including alternative investments in a portfolio reduces reliance on a single asset class and improves risk-adjusted returns. Diversification across asset classes mitigates the effect of market downturns and preserves capital amidst volatility.

• TradFi Hedge Funds and FoFs

• Private Equity

• Speciality Finance

• Structured Products

• Real Estate / Private Assets

Our liquid allocations are tailored to each client’s individual risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon, ensuring the right balance between access to funds, stability and growth.

We regularly review and adjust portfolio positions to reflect changing market conditions and client needs, using a diverse range of instruments to optimise investment outcomes and align with clients’ unique profiles.

• Cash / Money Markets

• Balanced Fixed Income

• Balanced Equities

• Multi-Asset

• Forex and Futures