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Focusing on the industries of tomorrow with market-leading investment expertise.

We provide three internally managed venture capital and fund of fund products focusing on the industries of tomorrow, along with critical sectors that are gaining prominence in the global economy and which require deep expertise.

We focus on Innovative Sustainable Technologies, New Frontier Wellness and Blockchain and Digital Assets. Amitis Capital backs exceptional founders solving the world’s biggest problems as well as allocating capital to best-in-class third party managers across strategies.

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We are a co-investor in the strategies we offer, aligning interests with our clients. We seek unique and innovative investment strategies with a low correlation to broader public markets.

These niche strategies are often less crowded and overlooked by large managers due to capacity constraints.


We identify first-mover advantages in Digital Assets, Sustainable Tech, and New Frontier Wellness investment segments.

Allocating investments to these products can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns while also providing a powerful diversifying effect in a broader portfolio. Although portfolio allocations to alternative strategies may represent a smaller portion of the overall portfolio, the accessibility to market-differentiated products presents the greatest opportunity to outperform the market, always with appropriate risk management strategies in place.


The fund stands at the forefront of the blockchain revolution, offering a unique opportunity to pioneer the digital ecosystem that’s set to reshape all aspects of life. With a focus on blockchain’s potential to drive larger market opportunities, new services, online communities and exponential growth, we are positioned to capture the most significant investment opportunities of the 21st century through a hybrid multi-strategy approach, ensuring diversified exposure across this dynamic sector.

Our investment strategy is designed to balance risk and reward by spreading investments across early-stage venture capital, liquid directional token funds and market neutral strategies. This trifecta approach allows for a well-rounded portfolio that not only aims for high returns but also offers a hedge against inflation and market volatility. With a keen eye on the emerging digital assets landscape, we navigate through the complexities of this high-risk, high-reward market to unlock unparalleled return opportunities.

A venture to growth fund, backing visionary and purpose-driven founders at the forefront of sustainable technologies. We target sectors critical for a better future and champion companies with the potential to become market leaders, emphasising efficiency improvements and technological edge as key drivers of sustainable growth.

Our investment strategy is designed to foster resilience and maximise impact, spreading across Europe, the Americas and The Middle East. With our seasoned team’s hands-on guidance and a strong network effect, we empower our portfolio companies to lead the charge towards a sustainable and efficient global economy.

Recognising the limitations of traditional treatments for conditions like depression and anxiety, the fund is creating a comprehensive ecosystem that sets new standards in mental healthcare and is dedicated to transforming the wellness landscape by investing in data-driven, clinically validated solutions.

We identify key control investment opportunities in clinics, retreats, manufacturing and media, with an extensive reach into pharmaceuticals, nutrition, medical technology and healthcare infrastructure. Guided by leading scientists, our investment approach is rigorous and focused on establishing a network that not only aims to fill critical gaps in healthcare but also aligns with the mission to globally enhance healthcare outcomes.